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about the quarry

Attention Winthrop Residents

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Health, Safety, and Environmental issuesare being compromised as you read this.
  • The Winthrop Planning Board is reviewing an application for a crushed ledge quarry

  • This quarry will sit at an elevation higher than the schools and downtown

  • This activity will generate microscopic dust particles, similar to shards of broken glass

  • These dust particles act like smoke and can travel miles before settling downstream

  • The PM2.5 micron sized particles can cause serious lung issues such as Silicosis

  • The prevailing air currents takes this cloud of dust in the direction of schools and town

  • This has the potential to affect students and residents for generations to come

  • In addition, this dust will also settle in the Hoyt Brook headwaters

  • The potential to decimate marine life increases proportional to the activity at the quarry

  • Current plans call for 15,000 yards or 1,100 truckloads to be blasted, crushed and moved

  • This will affect everyone who works, plays, attends schools, shops, and lives in Winthrop

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